Chapter 1. Description

Purpose, features, ...

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Why and how

Why and how

In my everyday life, i'm a big fan of Oracle and Google software, and of course and intensively use both of them. By some points, i recieve a lot of alert emails on my eMail Software, but the idea of recieving chats from my databases was looking nice to me ... "Hey dude, my SYSTEM tablespace is full ;-(" isn't that fun ?... and in some circumstances efficient ! You could for example recieve live alerts on you favourite wifi enabled mp3 player (the one you have to touch ;-p) !

I've developed this code on my spare time, any feedback will be greatly appreciated. I don't expect money, but any help is always welcome to improve the library, make a nice website, send Oracle books, write documentation, explain to me how you do use the library, send bug reports, ask features, or simply (and not the least) talk about oracle-xmpp around you.

Still, you can contact me by email, and if you are an Oracle employee, i would be very pleased to talk with you.

And if you ask yourself why i have spent spare time on development, i can answer you : "Beacause it's my passion and that it's fun.".

Most of the time, i really do my best no to put Java code inside the database, but as i really was too lazy to develop a Smack package in pure PL/SQL and considering that the Smack API realy does run the good way, i've put some Java code in the database.